Angels' Nectar

Angels' Nectar joined us for the first time this year and proved to be a real hit! So we're delighted that Robert will be returning to Cupar in March next year to pour some more nectarous drams.

Angels' Nectar Fife Whisky Festival

Inspired by the angels' share, Angels' Nectar is a range of blended malts from Highfern, a company founded in 2014 by Robert Ransom who previously worked at Glenfarclas.

There are now three expressions in the range! The First Edition is a blend of carefully selected Highland and Speyside malts and The Rich Peat Edition is as the name suggests. However, with the latter, the whiskies are Highland single malts. As we're talking Highland peat here, rather than the Islay kind, expect more smoke and lovely heather notes.

Angels' Nectar Fife Whisky Festival

If Islay peat is your thing then fear not. Highfern has just released a new expression - The Islay Edition. Bottled as a single malt and at a higher strength - 47% - this is a fitting successor to the Rich Peat Edition which has more or less sold out. It is also the first single malt release from Angels' Nectar here in the UK.

All Angels' Nectar releases are unchillfiltered and naturally coloured.

Both blended malts are extremely well balanced and, dare we say, extremely easy to drink! At the time of writing, we've yet to try the new Islay single malt but we're certain that it's just as tasty. We can't wait to try it in March if not before!

Angels' Nectar Fife Whisky Festival

We really looking forward to welcoming back Angels' Nectar to 2020's Fife Whisky Festival. Be sure to head over to see Robert and the team and enjoy some of the whisky those pesky angels missed.

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