Lindores Abbey Distillery

The Lindores Abbey Distillery team will hopefully have recovered from this year's Opening Dinner to join us for the festival at the Corn Exchange the following day. If they're looking a little bleary eyed, we're sure you'll be able to forgive them!

Not only is the distillery the perfect venue for the first event of 2020's Fife Whisky Festival (read more here), we're delighted that the newest (and yet, strangely, maybe also the oldest!) Fife distillery, will be joining us once again in Cupar on 7th March.

Lindores Abbey Distillery Fife Whisky Festival

For those of you who are unaware, it’s widely acknowledged that the Exchequer Roll of 1494 contains the first written reference to whisky in Scotland: John Cor, a monk at Lindores Abbey, was allowed "8 bolls of grain to make aqua vitae for the King".

Therefore, rather than creating gin whilst waiting for their spirit to mature, Lindores have decided to produce aqua vitae; more in keeping with the heritage of the site and the traditions of the Tironensian monks who arrived there in 1191.

Lindores Abbey Distillery Fife Whisky Festival

The Lindores Abbey Distillery team will be pouring some of this delicious aqua vitae on the day. At previous events, it's proved to be very popular with Fife Whisky Festival go-ers and we'd strongly recommend you have a taste both neat and in a cheeky wee cocktail.

Lindores Abbey Distillery Fife Whisky Festival

As Lindores' spirit approaches the moment when it can legally be called Scotch whisky - it really isn't long now! - there'll be the chance to try a few cask samples as well as some new make spirit. This is the perfect way to see how the flavour profile of the distillate has changed over such a short period of time and will give you a great insight into how the whisky will develop in the future.

We're looking forward to welcoming Gary, Elliot and the Lindores team to 2020's Fife Whisky Festival and we're sure you'll welcome them with open arms too!

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