In the beginning...

Take a look at how a chance meeting at a blind whisky tasting snowballed into a partnership and the birth of the Fife Whisky Festival.

…there were 85 drams!

Over three years ago Karen (Angels’ Share Glass) and Justine (Kask Whisky) met to undertake the Scottish Field Whisky Challenge.

On the day, we blind tasted over 85 whiskies (we stopped counting at 85!) and there were ten of us in total on the Readers’ Panel. We were divided up into two groups: group A tasted whiskies 1 to 43 and group B tasted whiskies 43-86. The first round was easy – simply answer the question ‘could this be whisky of the year?’ with a yes, no or maybe for each dram. After eliminating the ‘no’ whiskies for each group, we changed drams; each group tasting the best twenty or so of the other group's.

The criteria was the same for this round. For the third, and final round, both groups tasted the overall top 22 whiskies but this time, tasting notes and scores were required. Not sure about the others but, by this point, our tasting notes looked like they’d been written by chimps with crayons!

It was a fantastic day; we met some amazing people and learned so much about whisky. At a blind tasting, you’re not influenced by marketing, price, others’ opinions… it’s just you and your palate.

We continued to regularly meet for a dram or two and it’s this which led to us setting up the first Fife Whisky Festival last year. Thanks, Scottish Field! We owe you a dram. Just the one mind; not 85!